The Paris Suburbs in France

The backdrop of The City of Lights

by Sophia Delacotte
French Real Estate Agent in Silicon Valley


The vast and many charming suburbs of Paris are commonly referred to as the Ile De France Region, literally the Island of France, possibly meant as the land caught between the many rivers (e.g. Oise, Marne, Seine)  which flows in and divide this area.

Ile de France, which covers 8 French "departements" with an area of 12,000 sq kms and a population of 11+ million, is not just the first economic metropolitan area of France and Europe but also a popular tourist and week-end destination for Parisians and tourists from all over the world.

It may not be a well known fact but the Ile de France region is actually 80% covered with natural parks, forests and agricultural land. The Ile de France boasts some of the most beautiful natural areas in France (e.g. the Valley of Chevreuse, the Forests of Fontainebleau, Saint Germain and the famed Bois de Vincennes among many others) and famous historical French cities and villages (e.g. Provins, Marne La Coquette, etc ).

Ile de France has much to offer for both newcomers and city-weary folks: cathedrals, castles and medevial abbeys abound in a province marked by the many kings of France. Magnificent valleys, forests and natural parks all around Ile de France are restful havens for local and foreign travelers.

Besides the many starred restaurants and "auberges" (inns in English) in peaceful  settings, Ile de France boasts many local culinary specialties such as the Navarin d'Agneau (lamb stew) the world famous creamy Brie cheese (from Meaux) and well-known French desserts (Paris-Brest, Chouquettes, etc).
For real estate investors, Ile de France offers both urban and suburban quality homes and apartments as well as traditional homes in the countryside ideal for families, nature lovers, from a few minutes to an hour away from Paris.

Investing in Real Estate in Ile de France will always be a long term secure placement as it is likely to remain both the economic lung of France and the favorite getaway destination for city-dwellers for the many years to come.