The Sarthe Region in France

The Grove of France

by Sophia Delacotte
French Real Estate Agent in Silicon Valley


If you are looking for bucolic beauty and rural tranquility within reach of Paris (55 min away by TGV), the Sarthe Region of France is for you.

The Sarthe Region is traditionally associated with landscapes of hedged farmland, charming  remote villages, old water mills standing by the Loire river and Roman ruins.

Tucked between the Normandy Region (North), the "Region Centre" (East) and the Anjou Region (West), the Sarthe Region has two antagonist faces: the first one is slow and rural, the second one is fast-paced and cosmopolitan and is embodied by the world famous race car known as "Les 24 heures du Mans" (24 hours of Le Mans).

Sarthe boasts a magnificent historical heritage which goes back to the Roman Empire but will also enchant amateurs of the urban architecture from the Middle Ages. Sarthe was also one of the key battlegrounds of the Hundred Years War (aka "La Guerre de Cent Ans") which opposed the ruling dynasties of the Kingdoms of Great Britain and France on French soil.

The world famous delicacy of the Sarthe Region is known as " Les Rillettes" (spread of shredded pâté of pork, goose or duck), which goes back to the 14th century rural tradition of "Slaughtering the Pig".
Real estate investors in the Sarthe Region will be able to choose from a wide selection of rural properties, farm houses, town homes alongside the cobbled stones streets of the medieval villages and cities of Sarthe at affordable prices.

Investing in Real Estate in Sarthe is like owning a piece French history from the Middle Ages and enjoying the simple and durable pleasures of the "Terroir".