The Normandy Region in France

The Green Pastures of France

by Sophia Delacotte
French Real Estate Agent in Silicon Valley


The Normandy Region in France is associated with the vision of an endless greenhouse filled with lush green pastures, hedges and thatched "chaumieres".

Normandy, which is divided in Upper Normandy and Lower Normandy, includes 5 French departments in the North Western part of France, including eure, Manche, Orne, Seine Maritime and the eponymous Calvados.

Normandy is probably one of the most celebrated areas of France for its production of Cider (fermented apple juice) and Calvados (apple-based Brandy). The Normandy Region also produces 60% of dairy products in France and is world-renowned as the cradle of Creme Fraiche.

Besides its agricultural traditions, Normandy has many attractions to offer during every season of the year to its visitors and residents who are interested in particular in horse breeding (an ancient tradition of Normandy), movie-going (Deauville Film Festival) and historical tourism (e.g. Tapestries of Bayeux, Claude Monet's Home in Giverny and the world-famous Mont Saint Michel).

Normandy also has an extensive coast line worth visiting, which spread over 600 kilometers. Coastal landscapes of Normandy range from dune sands, high cliffs, sand beaches and remote wild and rocky creeks.

The French Region of Normandy is also dear to the hearts of many Americans who shaped World History during the large scale landing on Normandy beaches of American troops on D-Day in an effort to liberate France from German occupancy, which eventually led to the end of WWII.
It is also no accident that the coastal location and the fertile grounds of Normandy led to a rich culinary tradition dominated by fish, seafood, dairy products, apples and delicious pastries (Normandy is the home of Brioche if you did not know!).

Normandy is the perfect French haven for real estate investors looking for a peaceful and comfortable life in a farm or in a traditional half-timbered home in the the middle of a preserved "Bocage", only a stone throw away from natural wonders and some of the most significant places in the History of the World.