The Dordogne Region in France

The Land of French Gastronomy

by Sophia Delacotte
French Real Estate Agent in Silicon Valley


The Dordogne Region is synonymous with the ancient county of Perigord, the area of France world famous for its fine gastronomy.

Dordogne is a place where the good life, good people and good wine meet! It’s as though this region exists solely to remind us of how France truly beautiful and unique is.

It has been said about Dordogne that Mother Nature amused herself by mixing and matching the tools at her disposal to create a rustic and pastoral countryside that is unparalleled in France.

There is a sweet charm that radiates from the forests, valleys and rivers that join together to form a haven of fresh air and relaxing calm. And, as if to put the finishing touches on a painting, this scenic region is dotted with homes that are as distinctive as they are pretty and loaded with cultural significance.

From the legendary stone village of Rocamadour to the prehistoric caves of Lascaux and the medevial castle of Beynac, Dordogne has unforgettable sights to offer to both locals and tourists.

Gourmets will indulge in Dordogne's outstanding cuisine, which is often rated even in France as the country's best. Dordogne is the famous home region of Foie Gras (duck liver), Confit de Canard (slow cooked duck leg) and the amazing black truffles of Perigord.
As a real estate investor in Dordogne, you will not only get to enjoy every day the  magnificent scenery of timeless landscapes but also get exposed to centuries of story books castles and manors and picturesque stone houses.

Dordogne is definitely a living tableau of what France has best to offer in terms of natural beauty and culinary arts.