The Anjou Region in France

French History at Your Doorstep

by Sophia Delacotte
French Real Estate Agent in Silicon Valley


The Anjou Region in France is a history, a region and a rich heritage, all in itself!

Anjou, which is mostly associated with the departement of "Maine Et Loire" (49) in the west side of France, is above all a magnificent French region.

Anjou evokes not only the “Anjou sweetness” of French poet Joachim Du Bellay, but also the “little corner of France more French than any other,” according to former French President Georges Clémenceau.

From the deep blue of the Loire river which runs throughout Anjou, to the luminous and fertile green of the countryside and the bright white of freestone, Anjou offers colours that recall a rainbow.

Famous Anjou towns like Angers, Brissac and Saumur (home to the world-famous equestrian team Cadre Noir) provide exceptional sightseeing (e.g. The Castle of Angers, see opposite) and delightful historical downtown and city center areas.

Above all, Anjou is mostly known for its revered gastronomy and well-appreciated wines of rich and noble quality, providing food and wine gourmets from all over the world with an absolute delight all along.
For many real estate investors in France, the dream becomes reality in Anjou: Anyone discovering this region is struck by its beauty, its uniqueness and its Art of Living (Art de Vivre) that has seduced many past French kings and has thrived over the centuries.

The many charming homes of Anjou against an enchanting backdrop will make you feel that you are travelling back in time.

Investing in Real Estate in Anjou gives you the assurance of owning a restored farmhouse or a manor that will reward you with its simple pleasures.