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With almost one hundred "departements", five overseas territories and twenty two regions, France has much to offer in terms of history, culture, cuisine, climate and sightseeings. Whether you live in Paris, Marseille in Provence, Nice by the French riviera, in Normandy, Dordogne or close to the Alps Mountain, there is always something unique and quaint to experience in France.

As a French native, born in Paris but with roots in Normandy, raised in the Loire Valley area, and well-traveled in France and Europe before embracing San Jose, CA, in Spring 2007, I am well aware of the extraordinary diversity of the French regions.

Following many requests from my US-based and international customers to help them acquire properties in France, I am happy to announce that I am now fully set up to identify and help you find your dream home in my home country. 

Thanks to exclusive partnerships with some of the top real estate brokers in France, I would be happy to assist you find the home that fits your needs and budgets to buy in some of the most beautiful regions and cities in France such as Dordogne, Anjou, Provence, the Loire Valley, the French Riviera, Paris and its suburbs and Normandy in particular.

I am able to provide complete end-to-end real estate transaction management services through my network of real estate professionals in France and fulfill your dream to buy a home in France as efficiently as possible from a financial and tax point of view.

My knowledge of both the American and French Real Estate market (I am licensed as a Real Estate Agent in California since 2009 and a long-time property owner in France) puts me in unique position to help you understand and guide you through the process of buying a property anywhere in France.

This website was designed with you in mind and will provide you with a brief overview of the French regions where you might want to purchase a property.


I look forward to assisting you in your quest to find the perfect home in France.

Sophia Delacotte

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